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The Ultimate Peachtree Summer Camp Adventure

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The Camp Experience

Camps are where you have fun and make friends!  We start each day with team building challenges, where campers will learn the importance of community.  Campers will do fun and silly challenges as they build empathy with one another.  Our games make it easy for campers to make friends fast and they have a blast competing in fun challenges.

Kids will then get the opportunity to try new activities in a supportive setting.  Every camp is different and flooded with new activities. Our camps feature the arts such as music, dance, drawing, crafts, and more! We also feature athletics such as basketball, soccer, gymnastics, tumbling, and more! 

Our goal is to give campers exposure to new skills they wouldn't have a chance to without camp.  We hope to create a spark that leads a camper to want to build on their skills.  We offer clinics where campers can spend an entire week building their skills in one particular area. 

While campers are having a blast making friends and trying new things, they are also learning to be better people. We teach our campers the importance of our core values which are, Community, Character, and Competence. We instill resilience to our campers to help them overcome obstacles to achieve competence, which leads to confidence.  We aim to leave each camper feeling confident, connected, and kind.


Sample Camp Schedule


Parent Handbook

Our Parents Handbook contains all the essential information parents need to know about our programs, activities, safety measures, and more. We highly recommend downloading it to ensure you have all the details for a smooth and enjoyable camp experience.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our Executive Director, directly at:

Our Past Camps

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Our mission is to cultivate a dynamic environment where individuals embark on a transformative journey of personal growth, skill development, and teamwork. Join the journey today!

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