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Our Mission

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Our mission is to cultivate a dynamic environment where

individuals embark on a transformative journey

of personal growth, skill development, and teamwork. We are committed to empowering young minds and hearts, shaping them into confident, capable, and compassionate people.

The Need

According to, school-age children and youth spend 80 percent of their waking hours outside of school. Unfortunately, 1 in 5 young people in the U.S. find themselves alone after the school day ends, with a vast majority of these students living in low-income areas. However, high-quality afterschool programs serve as beacons of opportunity, promoting positive youth development and providing a safe space where our young generation can freely explore and unlock their fullest potential.


Lower-income families struggle to afford the costs associated with athletics and arts programs, including coaching fees, equipment, uniforms, and camp tuition. These financial barriers limit a child's participation and access to skill development.  Families with lower incomes do not have access to the same resources as their higher-income counterparts. This includes access to quality training facilities, arts supplies, and educational materials, which hinder a child's progress in their chosen activity.  


Parents in lower-income families often work long hours or multiple jobs to make ends meet. This limits the time they have available to support their child's interests or provide transportation to extracurricular activities.


Children from lower-income families have limited exposure to different sports and arts due to financial constraints. This lack of exposure limits their ability to discover and pursue their talents and interests. Participation in athletics and the arts fosters important social skills and confidence. Lower-income children can miss out on these opportunities, contributing to social inequalities and a lack of diversity in these fields.


Imagine a world where every child, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to develop their skills, explore their passions, and build lifelong connections in a diverse and inclusive community. That's the world we envision at Anyone Can.

In our camps, we foster resilience, teaching our campers to face challenges with determination and a positive outlook. We believe that by nurturing these qualities, we're not just changing individual lives; we're strengthening our community and society as a whole.

Our Core Values

Anyone Can Camps aims to exemplify

its Core Values through leading the students enrolled by example.


We believe that community promotes empathy. The sum of us is greater than all our parts. Having compassion for one another, builds a support system that facilitates growth and success for each individual.


We believe that character builds resilience. Our students will practice using a growth mindset to overcome obstacles as they learn to be leaders in their community.


We believe that competence builds confidence.  Meeting students at their level, we strive to help them feel competent in learning new skills and refine natural talents as they grow in their ability.

The Vision

The main goal of the Summer Enrichment Program is to empower and transform the lives of impoverished students through our summer camps, fostering personal growth, resilience, and leadership development, so that they can thrive academically, socially, and professionally, breaking the cycle of poverty and becoming future community leaders.

In order to accomplish this goal, the 
objectives of the program are as follows:

Objective 1: Launch our first camps, clinics, and coaching.  Provide services to over 500 students in 2024.


Objective 2: Provide scholarships for 50% or more of the students served.  Serve over 1000 students in 2025.


Objective 3: Campers develop skills within their program. Success will be

measured through achievement of skill testing at the end of the week, successful

tracking of development through the week, and responses from parent and student



Objective 4: Campers and coaches build a healthy community within the program.

This will be measured through camper and parent surveys. Provide over 80% of scholarships by 2026.

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Join us on this inspiring journey as we work towards turning our vision into a reality, one Individual at a time.

Our Impact So Far


In November we ran our first day of camp serving 50 kids from Marietta City Schools.  We provided a day filled with fun and had introductions to music and basketball activities. Peachtree Christian Church provided lunch partnering with Let Um Eat (a nonprofit buisness providing food at low cost to underserved children).


In December we had our very first clinic!  We ran a 3-day basketball clinic where we kids learned how to work as a team and built their skills on the court. We also ran a 3-day music clinic where students worked together to make their very own songs!  



On January 3rd we provided a day of camp to over 100 children of Marietta City School teachers.  January 3rd was a training day for teachers before their kids went back to school, so we provided a day of camp for their kids, free of cost to the parents.


On February 2nd, We launched our first after school program and coaching at Sawyer Road Elementary school, providing basketball lessons.  The after school program will runs every Friday through May.

On February 20th - 23rd, we hosted a week long camp at Marietta Community Schools.  Our program featured,  team building, gymnastics, basketball, cartooning, dance, and more!

Our Past Camps

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