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Apply to be a coach

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Our mission is to cultivate a dynamic environment where

individuals embark on a transformative journey

of personal growth, skill development, and teamwork. We are committed to empowering young minds and hearts, shaping them into confident, capable, and compassionate people.

Who we are looking for

Our Coaches are the mentors that our kids look up to.  We want coaches who are motivated, eager, but are also role models for the kids they serve. Coaches get the opportunity to bring their skills to our camps.  We are looking to add your passions to camp! Do you love drawing? Come teach it!  Do you love gymnastics?  Let do it!  Do you want to teach kids chess?  Bring it!  Our coaches add the programs and activities each day.  If you love it the kids will love it. 

Application process

Our coaches have the ability to give back, while building their own business and resume. Coaches will start working with our camps and when shown an ability to grow programs within the camp, they will be given opportunities to host their own clinics.

Our application process:

1.) Fill our the form below

2.) You will get an email from our Executive Director to set up an initial phone call.

3.) Initial phone call to answer initial questions, provide clarity, and see if it's a fit.

4.) An interview with the Executive Director.  

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Apply Today!

Fill out the form, to be considered to be on our team!

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Our Core Values

Through the Summer Enrichment Program, Anyone Can Camps aims to exemplify

its Core Values through leading the students enrolled by example.


We believe that community promotes empathy. The sum of us is greater than all our parts. Having compassion for one another, builds a support system that facilitates growth and success for each individual.


We believe that character builds resilience. Our students will practice using a growth mindset to overcome obstacles as they learn to be leaders in their community.


We believe that competence builds confidence.  Meeting students at their level, we strive to help them feel competent in learning new skills and refine natural talents as they grow in their ability.

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Join us on this inspiring journey as we work towards turning our vision into a reality, one Individual at a time.

Our Past Camps

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