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Scholarship Program

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We believe that our programs are for everyone. That is why we offer full and partial scholarships. We have a limited amount of scholarships, so they will be awarded based off of need and a first come basis.

Scholarship Requirements

Our scholarship program embodies our commitment to supporting individuals who aspire to pursue their educational dreams, regardless of financial barriers. We proudly offer a range of scholarships, both full and partial, which are made possible through the generous donations we receive. These scholarships are awarded to a diverse range of recipients, including families facing financial hardship, honorable veterans, dedicated active military personnel, and those selflessly serving in public service roles.


Our program not only aims to alleviate the financial burden of education but also recognizes and honors the dedication and sacrifice of these exceptional individuals. Through this initiative, we endeavor to empower and uplift those who have given so much to our community and country, fostering a brighter future for them and society as a whole.


Full and partial scholarships are awarded on an as-needed basis. Please feel free to email any questions during that time.  We may reach out to you with further questions, so please have good contact details for us.

We kindly ask that everybody make some investment towards the tuition. Even in the tightest of situations, with a “full scholarship” towards day camp, we ask guardians to pay a deposit. This helps ensure commitment to the program.

Request a Scholarship

Upload below a description of the scholarship you're applying for. Include any criteria that makes you eligible. Also include what this experience would mean to your child and your family. (Word, PDF, Google Doc)

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Thank the ones that made this possible

With both part and full scholarships, we ask that after camp you, your camper, or both write a thank you to our donors for their support.  

Say thank you

Our donors would love to hear about your campers experience!  From either your perspective our your kids experience, tell us what they loved about camp! (Word, PDF, Google Doc)

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