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Meet The Team


Executive director

Caleb Albert

Hi! Welcome to my passion project.  I am a first time entrepreneur, long time camp director.  I have a passion for helping people and a love of working with kids. My parents were both teachers in Gwinnett County, so naturally I thought I would be a teacher.  It wasn’t until I saw the impact that camps had on kids, that I knew I had a different calling.


I graduated from the University of Georgia in 2011 and in my wanderlust I ended up in California working for a small residential camp called Camp Ocean Pines.  It was here that I learned about social and emotional learning and the importance of kids learning how to work together.  I landed a job teaching high school Biology, but in my summers I returned to the camp that showed me how to impact kids' lives outside of academia. After 3 years of teaching, I was offered a job in California to take over as the director.  I packed up and moved across the country to take the opportunity of a lifetime. I was blessed to have a mentor who helped me learn how to run all aspects of the camp and how to grow a successful business.  I was truly grateful for the opportunity, but after a 3 year stint, I needed to be close to my family and friends in Georgia.


Things happen for a reason.  Almost 3 months after I moved back to Georgia, I was blessed with the opportunity to help start a brand new camp in Fayetteville, Georgia created by country star Zac Brown.  I learned to work with kids with neuro diversities and how to make programming accessible for all.  I learned how to work with veterans and their families. I learned about the poor from Atlanta and what they needed in a camp environment. Most importantly I learned how to help kids who come from different backgrounds to connect and be friends with one another.  I have many passions in life but teaching kids how to work together and grow their skills is the most rewarding. 


I have had more opportunities to run camps and develop programs, but in the Fall of 2023 I knew that it was time to develop my own program.  I have been blessed with a talent to build kid programs in a camp setting and I hope to use those talents to make a difference in the youth in Atlanta. I’m grateful for the opportunity to start making an impact and I’m excited to see how this company grows over the years.

Meet the Team

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